What if we can live in a world where we can track our health like the way we do with the weather?  




My research focuses on developing new sensing techniques for monitoring a person's health more continuously and conveniently, with a goal of ultimately enabling precise and personalized medicine. With my expertise in mobile and embedded system development, signal processing, and machine learning, I create new solutions in health monitoring. I am passionate about bridging the gap between the medical community and technology researchers to develop meaningful technology that truly impacts the face of medical diagnosis and treatment. With this aim, I have developed and tested technologies in the patient room, presented and communicated my technology to both academic and industry leaders, and actively working on bringing the technology into the world. I believe that health care and consumer electronics will become more and more cross-linked. As such, I also broadly explore new and innovative ways to improve technology in applications such as driver safety, context aware computing, and wearable computers.