2017/11 - UIST '17, Quebec, Canada

Carpacio: Repurposing Capacitive Sensors to Distinguish Driver and Passenger Touches on In-Vehicle Screens


2017/09 - TEDxSJI: What's Next?

Monitoring our health like the way we monitor the weather: Ubiquitously, Continuously, and Predictively


2017/08 - UW-MSR Summer Institute: Unpacking the Future of IoT, Snoqualmie, Washington 

Filling in the Blind Spots of Modern Health Diagnostics using Mobile and IoT Technologies


2016/11 - Art Institude of Seattle, Seattle, Washington

Measuring Our Health Like We Measure the Weather


2016/09 - Ubicomp'16, Heidelberg, Germany

HemaApp: Noninvasive Blood Screening of Hemoglobin using a Smartphone Camera


2015/12 - UW Environmental Stewardship Committee, Seattle Washington

MagnifiSense: Personalized Energy Disaggregation to Improve Sustainable Behaviors


2015/09 - Ubicomp'15, Osaka, Japan

MagnifiSense: Inferring Device Interaction using Wrist-Worn Passive Magneto-Inductive Sensors